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The New Litter Arrived on July 3, 2013!
Tiffy had 9 BOYS. Pappa Seffi thinks this is great! Pictures are on Facebook, and will be shared here with pedigree soon.

Charlotte and Zeke, a quiet moment in the field. Photo G. Goodman

Ezekiel a.k.a. Zeke (Midbar Or M'Bustan Ha Galil x El Baz Leila) won the 2013 NOFCA Grand Course. Zeke is bred and owned by Charlotte and Chris Wrather. He's a Midbar-Saudi blend from a wonderful litter, and he's done us all a great honor. Winning the Grand Course is the highest achievement for the open field coursing season. Way to go Zeke! Way to go Charlotte!

Top 10 2013 Grand Course Photo H. Wells

Zeke Winner 2013 Grand Course Photo H. Wells

Zeke with his trophies and ribbons Photo C. Wrather

On October 13th, 2012, I actually attended a dog show, the Valencia Valley Kennel Club of New Mexico ASA Supported Entry. Midbar Shemesh Eyal was entered in the Bred By Exhibiter Class. At age seven, this was his first dog show. Not only did he behave perfectly, but in spite of my clumsy handling, he showed himself well, as you can see from this beautiful photograph by Shiri Hoshen.

Puppies arrived April 12, 2010. Five boys, two girls. See photo pages for sire and dam: Midbar Shemesh Eyal and Midbar Ofira M'Div Tarabin.
View pedigree.

Photo by Lane Bellman

One of the litter, belonging to Frances Zeller, Midbar Tzvi B'Aviv has already won both of his AKC show majors.

His litter sister, also belonging to Frances Zeller, Midbar Tziporah B'Aviv won Best in Field at her first AKC lure trial.

Midbar Or M'Bustan Ha Galil sired a gorgeous AKC registered litter out of Saudi descent El Baz Leila, whelped April 22, 2009, owned by Charlotte and Chris Wrather. Thank you Charlotte, for choosing Galil, and thank you for my beautiful Midbar Osef M'Leila and Midbar Dvash M'Leila (web page under construction). This litter has produced some wonderful open-field coursing Salukis. One of the pups from Galil x Leila, Rameses, tied for second place in the 2012 Grand Course Saluki Breed Hunt. Litter brother Zeke is doing exceptionally well coursing. Zeke won the first New Mexico breed hunt of the 2012 NOFCA coursing season.

CH Midbar Hamra B'Shemesh CC,CM was awarded the American Saluki Association Adana Memorial Challenge Cup, 2009, high scoring open field coursing bitch. In 2007, she won the Boomslang Trophy; 2008-2009 season the Reed and Barton trophy (BOS Saluki in NOFCA); Grand Course qualifier 2007-8, 2008-9, 2009-10, 3rd place in Saluki breed hunt and 4th overall at Grand Course 2008. Hamra was also WB/BOS at the Rio Pecos Kennel Club show September 10, 2006. In May 2010, she won her first major and the second day she went WB. Hamra finished her American Kennel Club show championship, so now she is titled in the show ring and the coursing field. She also produced a wonderful litter. One of her pups, GR.CH Owl Ridge Painted Lady AKA Josie CC/CM won the Saluki Breed Hunt at the 2012 Grand Course. Her litter mates are also show and coursing champions. Her litter won her the Shahin Trophy for the highest scoring progeny for the 2011-2012 coursing season. Hamra is owned, loved, and campaigned by N. Jean Warner and Joel Scheinberg, Owl Ridge Ranch.

Photo by N. J. Warner

DC Midbar Gingit Yehkara SC,CC,FCh won the ASA Shahin trophy for progeny accumulating the most OFC points during the 2006-2007 season AND in the same year, Gingit also shared the Brood Bitch trophy for the bitch producing the most AKC show champions. To my knowledge, Gingit is the only Saluki to earn this dual distinction. She is owned, loved, and campaigned by Dr. R. Place and Joseph Minor, Arabesque Salukis.

Photo by J. Minor

Midbar Shenhav B'Shemesh is now an AKC show champion. He was WD/BOW at the Clackamas Kennel Club show June 24, 2006 for a 5 point major from the 6-9 puppy class. Midbar Shenhav B'Shemesh was WD at the Willamette Valley Saluki Club Specialty show June 23, 2006 for a 4 point major from the 6-9 puppy class. Shenhav sired a beautiful litter, with several major pointed offspring. He is owned, loved, and shown by Cheryl Myatt, Amrika Salukis.

Photo by M. LaBrache Brown

Midbar Kesem Layla was BOB at an ASFA lure trial on March 18, 2006 for another 24 points. She currently has 76 points and all her placements toward her FCh. Layla was BOB at an ASFA lure trial on December 30, 2005. This gave her 20 more points toward her FCh and a first placement. Layla is owned, loved, and campaigned by Sabrina Al Kafaji.

Photo by S. Al Kafaji

The Shemesh Litter arrived October 15, 2005. Parents are Midbar Or M'Bustan Ha Galil and Midbar Kesem Calanit. Photos, pedigrees and information on the Shemesh Litter page.

Shemesh Litter- Galil X Calanit
click above for pedigree

Midbar Kesem Nefertari won her 2nd CAC on 30th July 2005 in Hoisdorf under German judge Mrs Margret Altfeld.

Midbar Kesem Nefertari was awarded the bitch CAC and was Best Bitch at the show in Hoisdorf (Germany) August 28, 2004 under judge Mrs Tromp-Pruijn (Netherlands).

Photo by A. Moegling

We moved to our new online home on January 30, 2006. The geocities web site will remain online, but will no longer be updated.



May 2013

Hope Waters, The Importance of Pedigree

Before I got my first Saluki in 1973, I read the Waters' book The Saluki in History, Art and Sport. I was totally captivated by the breed from that moment on. In 1980 Hope Waters wrote an article appearing in The Gazehound magazine, "The Importance of Pedigree and Other Comments." This article made the same profound impression on me as reading the book did. I have used Hope's understanding of the primary importance of pedigree to guide every breeding decision made to build Midbar Salukis. I fear that young fanciers have few mentors who can transmit such wisdom. Hence, I am sharing Hope's article here, for all of you who are too young to even know that it was written, and for others who will find it important. Hope was always very kind to me; I'm sure she would be pleased to be remembered for her understanding of the "art" of breeding good Salukis.

Photo: R. Jones

To read Hope's article, click here.

Progeny Testing

In the thoroughly engaging book by Margaret E. Derry (2003) Bred for Perfection, she presents an essential component of selective breeding: the progeny test. She describes the ideas of the late 18th century British livestock breeder Robert Bakewell and concludes that "The genius of Bakewell's system, regardless of the gendered way it was structured, lay in the progeny test"(p.4). Bakewell believed that "animals...should be judged not by either their individual value or their hereditary background, but by the excellence of their progeny."

This is precisely my belief and the goal of Midbar breeding, to produce excellent progeny that can perform well and most importantly, reproduce their qualities when bred to various bloodlines, whether linebred or outcrossed. I believe that pedigree is an essential element because without it there is nothing to build on, as well as adherence to historical type, or, preservation. For this reason I have shared the Waters' article here.

A few examples from recent Midbar "progeny testing" are apparent in: DC Midbar Haftaah AsUWish Tabriz, FCh; Midbar Haftaah Nadir Tabriz [obedience and agility titles]; Midbar Beer Ruah Springmeadow; Midbar Tzyad Kalil Tabriz CC/CM; Midbar Tzyedit Fiama Tabriz; DC Midbar Gingit Yehkara SC, FCh, CC; Midbar Kesem Seyoot; Midbar Kesem Calanit; Ch. Midbar Hamra b'Shemesh CC/CM; Ch. Midbar Shenhav b'Shemesh JC; NZ Ch. Midbar Kinnamon b'Shemesh; Midbar Or m'Bustan ha Galil.

Over 35+ years Midbar has bred or sired only 15 litters from which 25 individuals have had offspring. They have achieved at the highest levels of athletic competition, those shown have done well in the ring, and those bred from have given enormous pleasure to their owners. Our next generation arrived this summer, on July 3, 2013. For photos of the litter, the parents, and their ancestors, and the history of Midbar, go to Facebook, Gail D. Goodman, and enjoy the various public albums.

February 2012

About the Album

Two years ago I bought a point-and-shoot digital camera. What you see here is, for the most part, Midbar Salukis over these years as we walked around my fields, in my house, and out in wild places. There are no posed or Photoshopped pictures. This is how I see my Salukis, naturally, and how I want to share them with you. Almost any Saluki properly trained and well presented can become a show dog and many Midbar Salukis have been successful in various competitive venues, particularly in the coursing field. But what I want you to see is the innate beauty and presence and balance and "soul" of this family group that I love so dearly.

So enjoy my Salukis with me and enjoy New Mexico. Feel free to contact me with your impressions or questions. I would be happy to hear from you. Email me at midbarslq@juno.com.

June, 2010

      Anyone who visits this site, reads the history (in several places), looks through the litters (most photos fail to do justice to my cherished Salukis; pages are being revised so please check back), and reads the numerous articles spanning my 30 plus years of devotion to the Saluki, must sense the effort made over these three plus decades not only to understand our unique breed but to breed a unique Saluki.

     Someone said that imitation is a form of flattery. Unfortunately, my first "view" is a disclaimer of any connection whatsoever, other than some e-mail and sharing of information as I do with anyone who contacts me, with the Israeli based Ruah Midbar kennel. Midbar USA was founded in 1976 and in 1982 I was fortunate enough to receive Dar and Div Tarabin from Igal Sella in Israel.

      We all owe much to those enduring Bedouin whose migrations and customs preserved our Saluqis over centuries. Igal Sella was gifted Ruah Tarabin, a gift of honor, from Salim Ibn Jahzi of Ein Fortaga, Sinai. Ruah was bred to Lobo, also of known Bedouin origins. Igal did three breedings of Lobo x Ruah, then brother and sister from various litters to produce the four generations necessary for American Kennel Club enrollment and subsequent full AKC registration of offspring. (This is well before SPDBS domestic registry.) Dar and Div Tarabin are the treasured result of this preservation breeding done by Sella.

      Only Dar and Div Tarabin, of known to be 100% Bedouin origin, formed the foundation desert thread of Midbar pedigrees. These lines are long gone from Israel, or buried generations and generations ago in unwritten lineages. There are even reports that the desert Saluqi itself has vanished from Sinai along with the tents and caravans and migrations.

      Hence, there is no verifiable genetic Saluki connection and no personal connection between the long established Midbar USA and the new on the scene, clever on the www Ruah Midbar, hijacking the word "midbar" and, I assume, an intentional attempt to ride on my reputation, dedication, and scholarship. Yes, there IS the Israel connection, of which I am both grateful and proud. Beware of FAKE Midbar! This connection Ruah Midbar is using to their own ends, whatever they may be.
      Please be aware, Ruah Midbar is no kin of Midbar USA other than the use of the beautiful Hebrew word: Midbar = desert.

Photo by Z. Sirik