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Gail Goodman's definitive book on Salukis Saluqi: Coursing Hound of the East

Midbar Tarabin Pilpel Adom

Born: 4/28/91 - Died: 10/23/99
Breeder/Owner: Gail Goodman

Building on my desert gene pool, Galit was bred to Dar Tarabin. Five bitches and one dog resulted, all reds and golds. Five have offspring.

Pilpel Adom (sweet red pepper) represents her litter. Many years ago an Arab man from Dubai visited me. He taught me how Arabs who know their traditions evaluate Salukis. Of my bitches, he chose the tallest, most substantial to breed and from the dogs, he chose not the tallest but the one with the deepest chest and broadest back. Though ignored by western visitors, my intuition told me a Bedouin would choose Pilpel. I trust the wisdom of the East.

Both inbred and outcrossed, she gave us superb puppies. Her death from a c-section/spay was a tragedy. Saluki expression has been described as not only deep, faithful and far seeing, but somewhat sad, as though longing for distant deserts. Pilpel, so devoted, waits there for me.

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