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Gail Goodman's definitive book on Salukis Saluqi: Coursing Hound of the East

Midbar Beer Ruah RoshRosh

Born: 8/9/94
Call name: Ona
Breeder/Owner: Gail Goodman

Named after the foundation bitch of Salim Ibn Jahzi, Sinai Bedouin breeder of Ruah Tarabin, RoshRosh means “noisy”, plenty to say, for sure, which suits her. She was renamed Ona by Sherran Pak, her owner before returning to Midbar, and Ona stuck.

Beershevah’s only daughter stood 23 inches, and had the same lovely substance and bone as her dam, as well as Galit’s friendly, outgoing nature. Though only taken a few times to free course, Ona showed speed and desire. Since I believe it’s dangerous to take adults that have not grown up free coursing into the field, she couldn’t enter competition despite her speed. Her passion is bird chasing, but she played ball and chased the lure.

Ona whelped her first litter sired by Ch Odi et Amo Balthasar Elessar JC on January 24, 2003. litter photos and information. Ona's son Azal was bred to Klelah for my Or litter. Grandson Galil (the male Or puppy) is the sire of my current Shemesh litter.

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