Midbar Tzyad Kesem Tabriz CC

Photo by J Betlach
Born: 5/30/95
Breeder: Bernie Betlach, Gail Goodman, Joy Betlach
Owner: Joy and Bernie Betlach and Gail Goodman

When Shovov’s sixth puppy was born, Joy called and said, “It’s magic, Shovov just had a black puppy!” I said, “That’s impossible”, but Magic he is and Kesem means just that. For Joy, he is the image of his sire in both mannerisms and appearance. She finds him thrilling to watch tearing around their ten acres.

Shown only twice at the San Francisco Specialty, with no ring training, he was awarded a 4th in BBE, and in 2000, a 1st in the Coursing Dog Class.

Though never lucky in the field, he earned his CC and an invitation to the Grand Course but injury kept him out for an entire season. Run only twice this season in TCC hunts, he earned a first in their first hunt, and a 4th in the last hunt. My dream for the future of Midbar is a Magic litter.

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