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Gail Goodman's definitive book on Salukis Saluqi: Coursing Hound of the East

Al Yaman Hetz Midbar

Born: 3/9/92
Breeder: M.T.V. & C.F.T. Reidy
Owner: Gail Goodman

Inbreeding, linebreeding, and outcrossing are all useful in constructing a bloodline. Seeking an outcross, I wanted real genetic diversity and careful breeding. Hetz (arrow) met both criteria, having unique threads of desert blood through Knightellington, Windswift, and Rabia, while at the same time, tightly line bred. His pedigree includes almost all of the post WW II desert imports into Britain.

Hetz blends athletic potential with soundness and elegance. Mellow natured right off the plane, heís also very affectionate. From a standing position he can jump incredibly high to get a look over my six foot fence. Bred to Pilpel he produced a beautiful litter. Iím grateful to Al Yaman for Hetzís significant contribution to Midbar.

Hetz's Photo Album

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