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Gail Goodman's definitive book on Salukis Saluqi: Coursing Hound of the East
Midbar Davijoya Gali Davalya

Born: 7/24/89 - Died: 2/12/99
Breeder: Joy Randel
Owner: Gail Goodman

When I realized how special the Azal x Div litter was, I wanted to build on the bloodline, concentrate both sides of the pedigree. Azal contributed tremendous speed and prey drive; Div contributed hunting instinct, teamwork, and rapid recovery power. Both had enormous heart. These qualities produced dynamite coursing Salukis.

Bedvi CC/CM, Joy’s favorite, was bred to the late Terry Herbert’s Daaimah, producing a litter of eight, Galit the only bitch. Several of this litter have offspring contributing “smooths”, through Div Tarabin, to numerous bloodlines.

Galit ( a little wave in the sea) was a super mother, passing her loving temperament to all of her offspring. Galit looked like a Diamond Hill Saluki and I loved that sense of continuity with the past that she gave me. Standing only 23 inches, she had dense bone and substance. Galit was everything her pedigree promised. Acute pancreatitis caused her sudden early death.

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