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Gail Goodman's definitive book on Salukis Saluqi: Coursing Hound of the East

Midbar Ani E’hyeh Tarabin

"the Animal Planet Breed All About It orphan"

Born: 10/23/99
Call name: Farach
Breeder/Owner: Gail Goodman

Farach at 10 weeks

Because of an irresponsible dog sitter, Pilpel died four hours after her pup entered the world. Grief, anger, and terror overwhelmed me, but this orphan was meant to be, meant to survive, and that is his registered name: I WILL BE Tarabin! Everything else about him is a flashback. When I heard the name Farach, I knew I would have a Farach, and so I do.

Born almost 20 years after Dar and Div, he could have stepped out of Sinai. Farach is equally his American heritage, which will be apparent as he matures; he’s only 16 months here. He is even “the best color”, red, according to renowned Sinai Bedouin poet, Anez.

Best of all, like Div, he is my shadow, following me everywhere. The only little problem is he thinks he’s human. But then, Pilpel gave me such a wonderful baby to raise, who knows….

Farach at 7 years
photo by Jutta Ruebesam

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