Div Tarabin

Born: 5/27/82 - Died: 4/27/94
Breeder: Igal Sella
Owner: Gail Goodman

Everything about my life with Div was “fateful”. Offered to me at birth, I declined, yet she came to me as a gift a year later. I had no intention of breeding her; she had other ideas! Div and Dar Tarabin proved to be the essence of Saluki—teaching me what this wonderful breed really is, from the desert.

Div was so smart, such a good mother, such a dear companion, such a clever hunter, what she gave me will remain unique. I had such a thrill in Sinai in 1999, when I brought The Saluqi to the Ibn Jahzi family. Upon opening the book, Ibn Jahzi’s wife pointed to Div and exclaimed, “Farach, this is Farach”, one of her late husband’s favorite hounds. The family recognized Div as theirs!

The offspring of Dar and Div Tarabin have full AKC registration providing a true Bedouin outcross, a true return to the source.

For almost twelve years
I had
two shadows
My body had a shadow
and my heart had a shadow
My heart's shadow was the color of the desert sand
golden and shimmering and clear
with eyes golden
like the desert sun
shimmering with devotion
That sun has set
leaving my heart
wrapped in a mantle
of emptiness

Div Tarabin
May 27, 1982 - April 27, 1994

Div and Dar

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Saluqi: Coursing Hound of the East

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