Dar Tarabin

Born: 5/27/82 - Died: 7/16/96
Breeder: Igal Sella
Owner: Gail Goodman

When I wrote “It seems both natural and exciting to look to the source for the future” I was summarizing my philosophy as a Saluki breeder. To tap the Bedouin source, I contacted Igal Sella, who was devoted to perpetuating Bedouin bloodlines and because Israel was a member of the FCI, a four-generation AKC acceptable pedigree could be created. I waited five years for the birth of the litter the AKC would accept.

Dar Tarabin, a.k.a. Yahkar (meaning precious in Hebrew), and his littersister Div Tarabin proved themselves to be genetic treasures for the qualities most valued by the Tarabin Bedouin who bred their ancestors. Yahkar was a devoted, intense, clever, brave hound. Yahkar and Div lived long, active, healthy lives and because they were inbred they were able to pass on their treasured mental and physical characteristics to all the generations of Midbar.

Div and Dar

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Saluqi: Coursing Hound of the East

Last modified: 10/30/2013