DC Midbar Haftah Asuwish Tabriz SC FCh

Born: 11/3/95
Breeder: Bernie Betlach, Gail Goodman, Joy Betlach
Owner: Judy and Charles Tantillo

The image of her dam, Ava was chosen for her unique breeding and promise of athletic ability. She is not only a DC, but she is the first “desert bred” AKC Champion since the Pine Paddocks Salukis of the 1950s. Accomplishing this took determination since Ava was one of the first smooths many “show people” in her area had seen.

Ava was bred to DC Aarakis Boaz Asuwish CD and produced a litter of two smooth and four feathered puppies that are doing well in the show ring and on the lure coursing field. Ava likes nothing better than to spend her days hunting for the “creatures” that live in the Tantillo’s fields, and her nights snuggled as close as possible on the couch or bed.

AKC Champion
AKC Field Champion
AKC Dual Champion
ASFA Field Champion
Dam of:
FC Asuwish Ava's Bluebird SM SC
CH Asuwish Ava's Meadowlark JC
FC Asuwish Ava's Mockingbird SC
CH Asuwish Ava's Music SC
CH Asuwish Ava's Songbird SM JC
Asuwish Brenlair's Songbird

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Last modified: 02/25/2008