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Gail Goodman's definitive book on Salukis Saluqi: Coursing Hound of the East

Why Ride a Camel When You can Ride a Harley Davidson?

(May, 2013)
As the world shrinks and as Salukis from every corner of the earth become available to western Saluki lovers, questions are arising about whether these modern eastern origin hounds are the same as our foundations. This article attempts to explore the issues using some interesting current anthropological and genetic research as guides. Is the Saluqi still a Saluki?

Hope Waters: "The Importance of the Pedigree and other Comments", The Gazehound, May-June 1980 pp. 78-80

Hope's classic article sharing her thoughts on breeding: the dog and the pedigree are equally important. One without the other won't produce quality.

Shifting desert sands... changing desert breds

Personal reflections on the past and present of Salukis in the Middle East, changes in the region, and choosing our direction for the future.

The Disappearance and Reappearance of Meshi

After running a hare in a place we have walked for years, Meshi disappeared. This article chronicles my search and our happy ending...aided by some angels.

The Influence of Desert Bred Salukis on Open Field Coursing

In the 1980s several families of desert bred Salukis were performing at the highest levels of competition in open field coursing. Several families are represented in this article with photographs.

Travels: Germany and South Africa: July-August 2006

Saluki visits during my holiday in Germany and South Africa. Also an interview with one of South Africa's most successful breeders of bush coursing hounds.

The Saluki Standard: from the Beginning (slow loading)

Illustrated discussion of the creation and interpretation of the original 1923 breed standard.

Pilgrimage/Travels to Sinai

A series of articles describing my trip to Israel in 1999. The first article, Pilgrimage to Sinai, is the story of how I was able to deliver my book The Saluqi to the Tarabin Bedouin family in Sinai, whose Salukis inspired the book. Few people ever get to live such a perfect day...it was like riding a magic carpet. The other articles describe my visits with Israelis, Israeli Arabs and Israeli Bedouin, and our conversations about Salukis.

Looking at the World through Function-Colored Glasses- 1990

(slow loading)
This article is the result of a visit from and a subsequent interview with an Arab Saluqi authority and falconer. I learned so much from this man.

Ishtan Cup Hunt- 1988

Sentimental reflections on one of my first open field coursing meets.