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Gail Goodman's definitive book on Salukis Saluqi: Coursing Hound of the East
Sinai Salukis Through the Years
Part II

Sinai, 1970s, feathered Tarabin Saluki in whelp.
Photo: Igal Sella
Sinai, 1970s.
Photo: Igal Sella

Sinai, 1970. Possibly Salim Ibn Jahzi's Saluki named Farach
Photo: Eli Chen.

Sinai, 1970s. A rare dark colored Tarabin Saluki.
Photo: Igal Sella

Tarabin Bedouin Saluki, Sinai, 1970.
Photo: Eli Chen.
Tarabin Bedouin Saluki, Sinai, 1970s
Photo: Igal Sella

Tarabin Bedouin girls with their Saluki, Sinai, 1970
Photo: Eli Chen.

Sinai, Tarabin Bedouin and his Saluki, 1970
Photo: Eli Chen

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